high-volume senders

The Challenges of High-Volume Senders

Mar. 11, 2019 / By Sparky

Join us for our upcoming webinar on March 26th with Blueshift and LendingTree where we will discuss and address the challenges of high-volume senders.

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On-Premises and Cloud: Putting the Pieces Together

Feb. 20, 2019 / By Tracy Sestili

In our upcoming webinar, hear directly from our team of on-premises experts about how to confidently use both on-prem and cloud email solutions.

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interactive email amp email

Trends and Insights for Interactive Email and AMP for Email

Nov. 21, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

Watch the replay of the Trends and Insights for Interactive Email and AMP for Email webinar today to learn more about the future of interactivity in email.

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key growth surfaces

Webinar: Scaling Your Product by Identifying Key Growth Surfaces

Aug. 29, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

In this webinar with Drift, learn how to scale your product and increase user engagement by identifying and leveraging key growth surfaces.

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segmentation strategies sliced fruit

Webinar: Segmenting for Smarter Sending

Jun. 11, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

In this webinar with Ongage, learn critical segmentation strategies to boost your inbox placement, improve reputation with ISPs and increase engagement.

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transactional email in 2018

Webinar: The State of Transactional Email in 2018

May. 7, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

Our experts discuss overall strategy and specific tactics like sending patterns, deliverability and technologies used for Transactional Email in 2018.

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GDPR webinar

GDPR Affects Email Worldwide

Apr. 11, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

Get an overview of GDPR, learn practical advice on aligning email sending practices with GDPR requirements and discover GDPR’s impact on your organization.

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artificial intelligence 360x274

Artificial Intelligence in the Inbox

Aug. 14, 2017 / By Stacey Goff-Johnson

In our joint webinar with Blueshift, learn how marketers are putting artificial intelligence in the driver’s seat to attain superior results from their marketing.

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Why Email Reputation Matters

Your Email Reputation And Why It Matters

Apr. 3, 2017 / By Clea Moore

Without a good email reputation, ISPs won’t trust your mail. Join us for our upcoming webinar with BounceX and learn more about email reputation.

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